The Alta boot lab is a full service boot fitting center. We offer custom fitted new boots, custom footbeds, and can do any repairs or adjustments needed whether it is a new boot or one you currently own. If you have any boot problems, we have a solution!


The best boot is the one that fits the best. We are here to find you the best boot for you and make sure it fits great. We don't care if it's our cheapest boot or our most expensive, as long as it fits great and meets all your needs. We are in the business of not just selling boots, but happy customers enjoying a great new pair of boots. Another key to our boot fitting is the custom footbeds we make here in store. We believe in them so much we give you $35 off the footbed when you buy them with a boot, and we give you our fit guarantee for the rest of the season. This means that if you have any issues with the boot you can come back and any work we need to do to make the boots fit properly is free, giving you some peace of mind. Just one more reason for us to sell you the boot that is truly a good fit for you. It's that simple, however the process to do so is quite detailed. When you get your boots fit at Alta our master boot fitter will walk you through the process answering any questions you have along the way.


The fitting will start with a full assessment of your foot shape, size, and biomechanics. After this a conversation will be had to find out about your ability, the type of skiing or snowboarding you like to do, and if you have had any problems with boots in the past. With all this information the boot fitter will select a small range of boots that suit you. From here the boot fitter will check how your foot fits in the shell of each boot and then let you try on and compare those which are a good match. After a boot is selected comes one of the most important parts of boot fitting, the footbed. We encourage everyone to get custom footbeds as they are always the best option. Regardless of if they are a custom or drop-in (pre-made) footbeds we make/size the footbed to properly fit your foot and the boot. The final step is moulding the liner and/or shell if needed. If there are any issues after this they will then be addressed before you leave. Otherwise its time for you to go try your new custom fit boots on the hill!! Both walk-ins and appointments are welcome. There's no cost to make an appointment.