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So, you’re coming to Queenstown and want to get some biking in but aren't sure what there is and need some help/advice - here it is.


We are the closest shop to the Queenstown Bike Park/Gondola. Here you can experience Gondola assisted Bike Park laps at the best Bike Park in the Southern Hemisphere. Trails range from nice flowy green tracks to full on World Cup quality race tracks and everything in between.

If you are riding for multiple days then you might also want to check out Coronet Peak and Cardrona which offer chairlift assisted biking. These Parks are 20-70 minutes from town.

Trail riding

There's plenty of options here if you prefer pedalling uphill and dont want assisted uplift.

  • 7 Mile is 7 Miles (that's why it's called that) from town and offers a network of fun trails
  • Queenstown Bike Park - there are trails that the Gondola doesn't access that you can explore
  • McNearly Gnarly is a favourite track of locals. Nice and flowy with over 65 jumps (mostly table tops) it's even got a nice climb up.
  • Coronet Peak (lower) some of the best trails can be found below the chairlift.
  • Rude Rock is another favourite as is Hot Rod. Or you can ride all the way to Arrowtown.
Leisure / Sightseeing.

If you aren't after the adrenaline rush and want to explore Queenstown then this is a great option.

Queenstown boasts an offroad trail network of over 120kms with amazing scenery, swing bridges and plenty of places to stop. In some spots the only vehicle you’ll see is a jet boat on the river.

  • Explore the Vineyards out at Gibbston Valley
  • Pedal to scenic Arrowtown (and possibly back)
  • Or just pedal around the lake - the track follows it for 24ks. There's amazing views and a few places to stop and have food, coffee or a craft brew or cocktail.
E Bikes are available for all options. These can just help you see/explore more in a limited time.
BIke transport
Transport can also be arranged if you are limited on time and want to only ride one way.