We have a full workshop facility at both Alta Locations (Queenstown and 5 Mile) staffed by professional experienced mechanics. We do all our servicing inhouse and can fix pretty much everything (bike related). Our mechanics love working on bikes (and riding them too - thats why they live here).

We offer services from the simplist puncture repair all the way to a full rebuild of a bike or suspension service. Whatever you need we can sort for you. If its just to get your bike running again at a basic level or you want to go and race World Cups, our guys have you sorted.

We can service Acostic/Analog (bikes that arent eBike) as well as eBikes. We have full diagnostic software for Bosch and Shimano eBikes. All our Mechanics are Bosch/Shimano certified.

Why Should You Get Your Bike Serviced?

1. Safety

This is very important. If something on your bike is loose or worn, it could break or fail on you at the worst moment causing injury to you or your bike.

2. Performance

If you want to get the most out of your bike then its important that its working as good as it can. World Cup riders rebuild their bikes after every race - We arent suggesting that you go that far but you should be looking at a comprehensive service - including suspension, at least once a year.

3. Longevity of Parts

Parts get loose and worn. The looser they get the more likely they are to break. Its cheaper to true (align) a wheel that is a little wonky than to rebuild a whole wheel because it is no longer repairable and bent beyond repair.

When Should you get your bike serviced?
  • Can you hear noises you havent heard before? Get it serviced
  • Dirty/Rusty? If it looks bad, it could be. Get it serviced.
  • A long time since ridden? Get it serviced.
  • Want it to perform? Get it serviced.

Free Bike Safety Check.

Looking to puchase a new bike?

Someone has given you a bike?

Pulling an old bike out of the garage/dump?

Come see us and we can tell you what you need to do to get the bike up to scratch or performing like a world class weapon.

Why Get us to service your bike?

  • Full Service centres in both locations. We have all the tools to get any job done.
  • Friendly Local service.
  • Fast turnaround. We strive to get you back on your bike as soon as possible.
  • Handy locations. Closest bike shop to Queenstown Bike Park and the only bike store at 5 Mile.
  • Open 7 Days
  • Full eBike servicing with Bosch and Shimano certi ed Mechanics and diagnostic centr
  • On Holiday. Got limited time? Had a mere and need to get back out there quick as. Come to us.
  • Experienced Mechanics. Our guys dont just know how to fix a bike - they know how to ride and love it.
  • Thibaud (T Bolt) loves a good back flip and Erwan loves getting loose and pulling Manuals.
  • Rider/Local/Independently and Kiwi owned - the only shop in town that can say this.

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*All prices exclude parts.

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